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Personalized Care and Guidance

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Live your best life

You are looking for a way to understand yourself, overcome past trauma, influences, and patterning and feel empowered about who you are. You are committed to your own healing and growth. 

Psychotherapy focuses on past events and life experiences as they are impacting the present. The focus is on you as the whole person and what is blocking you from peace and fulfillment in your current state. This treatment is ultimately designed to help reduce stress in your life and overcome obstacles to your best life. 

Neuropsychology & Concussion Support and Testing

Support and heal

You may feel as though your life will never return to its prior level of enjoyment after the onset or progression of a medical or neuropsychological condition (ADHD, learning difficulties), concussion, chronic pain, or an injury or stroke. You may experience difficulties with attention, learning, distractibility, emotional upheaval, and organization. This may manifest as a change in your ability to manage stress, family relationships, and school or work performance. In addition to treatment and support, cognitive, psychological, and psychoeducational testing is also offered to guide diagnosis and treatment, including formal accommodations at school or work. 

Neuropsychology & Concussion Support helps you adjust to your new lifestyle post-injury or with a medical or neuropsychological condition. This treatment is focused on leveraging knowledge of brain and behavior relationships and health psychology. 

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Executive Coaching

Optimize your performance

You are an expert in your field and looking to up-level your leadership. You are facing new challenges and are committed to the success and high performance of yourself and your team.

Executive coaching provides a way to understand your impact as a leader and empower you to achieve your goals. Performance coaching is included to optimize your focus, self-confidence and vision for success with techniques designed to embody and maintain consistent delivery of excellence. Coaching focuses on more present time obstacles to move into the future. 

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